The Grand Effect’s Product Line offers the best technology available. We have developed a reliable, “packaged unit” that is factory tested and easy to install. We are not selling a “kit” or “box of parts”, all of our products are complete, have gone through factory testing and provide you with an easy installation. All of our products are U.S. made and assembled. We use the best materials available, including 304 stainless steel and aluminum components to ensure that our products hold up to and continue to operate in high heat and harsh weather environments. All of our products have a one year warranty.

Grand Effects is the first and only company to receive approvals and listings on their complete product line. All of our products are CSA/AGA approved. CSA/AGA has thoroughly evaluated and tested our complete product line. Their testing included wind, rain and all of our products holding up under high temperatures. They routinely inspect all of our products to ensure that our quality continues to meet their strict requirements. Each and every product is inspected and tested before it leaves our factory. We test every unit for leakage, electrical, mechanical and combustion. We nameplate and serialize every unit so that we can track and maintain a record and a test history of every unit. Our guarantee is to offer only high quality products and provide you with outstanding technical support.